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Oh my god hahaha this was amazing.

you force me to fake marry you in the chat and then you exclude me from this movie. You are such a terrible person.

btw this was hilarious 4 stars

Okay, the FLCL reference was pretty funny, hahaha...

Great timing on that one!

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That was clever. The twist ending was both justified by the egg not completely being able to see out its shell and hinted at by the feathers that came out when the eggs cracked.

I prefer that some of these experimental kind of games are longer though.

Anyways, I really liked this one!

This game is really simple, yet expressive. The music was used very well and the room designs were great.

I can't believe you actually killed off a character so nonchalantly.

That being said, this game has more of the stuff I like in the first game, except even harder. The music, characters, plot, gameplay, and presentation were all crazy awesome.

That being said, I didn't like how the healing darts became more useless overtime, even when I made upgrades to Casimir's special stat.

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I always loved how frantic and threatening this song was. It was a perfect fit for a battle where you had to fight off the murderous psychos who could wipe out your entire party even though you had the height advantage.

...what the heck have you people been doing on skype?

I will admit it's somewhat funny.

Rad responds:

Looking back, it was pretty terrible, funny but at what cost? D:
I admit I laughed really hard at the time.

The electric guitar from the middle of the song feels really out of place.

other than that, the song is cool and pretty moving.

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This is pretty good stuff. The designs are nice though I am curious about why the left butterfly has almost no wings.

Congrats on the front page burgen. this kinda looks cool. I like what you did with the cough syrup and the stairs.


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