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Entry #23

Forget this, I'll just post something

2017-03-26 15:08:02 by BoredLooney

HOLY COW things have changed! Recent events that everyone knows about have driven me to think more about politics (Those are all the hints you need)


Anyways, about me...

...yeah things have changed. I can't imagine finishing my Visual Novel now or that album. I spent most of my time learning about various things like Game Design, Digital literature, Multimedia analysis, Various computer subjects, etc. Cooling off from that education ate up even more time. I can't imagine mustering enough energy to get work posted here...

...I realized that my goals now have changed A LOT from what they were a few years ago, and they're likely to change further. I postponed the visual novel since having to read up on some processes and getting caught off guard by work, and the album became very low priority when I decided to change my focus for the future. I kept thinking of new ideas, refining old ideas, and ending up losing interest in my projects...

Now... I'm not sure if I even want to keep using Newgrounds as a platform anymore. I've been considering working on lots of other media. For example, I've been using poetry to record and organize my artistic visions; specifically the ones I feel are important (even if the poems are pretty cheesy...).

...I am announcing the cancellation of all projects I have planned on making for this site. As a(n) apology/consolation, I'll be posting this game (Twine Story) here:


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